Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dasha Shishkin: Desaparecido (Disappeared)

Dasha Shishkin<br />
<i>We Are Not Afraid For Comparable Lives</i>, 2011<br />
Mixed media on canvas<br />
40 1/4 x 38 inches<br />
102.2 x 96.5 cmDasha Shishkin<br />
<i>With the Dark Comes Dinner I Hope</i>, 2011<br />
Mixed Media on Canvas<br />
72 x 105 inches<br />
182.9 x 266.7 cm


Dasha Shishkin<br />
<i>Enthusiasm is a Fever of Reason</i>, 2011<br />
Mixed media on mylar<br />
42 x 60 inches<br />
106.7 x 152.4 cm

Dasha Shishkin<br />
<i>Glory of Choice</i>, 2011<br />
Mixed media on mylar<br />
42 x 30 inches<br />
106.7 x 76.2 cmDasha Shishkin<br />
<i>Free White and 21 Installation Shot</i>, 2011<br />
Mixed media on mylar<br />
30 x 42 inches<br />
76.2 x 106.7 cm


Spanish, Portuguese .
one who has disappeared: used, especially in Latin America, in referring to a person who has been secretly imprisoned or killed during a government's program of political suppression.

Dasha Shishkin's current show Desaparecido at Zach Feuer Gallery is an amped up infusion of neon colors with thought provoking subject matter. Most of the subjects in Dasha's paintings indeed seem to be vanishing right before our eyes. These moderate sized paintings with candy coated colors kept my eyes dancing with dizziness; just the way I like it. I am assuming the reason why Dasha chose the word "desaparecido" for her exhibition is because most of the characters in her paintings appear to be disappearing, so to speak. See Desaparecido at Zach Feuer thru June 11th. - Madame J.

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