Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Van Deusen: Paintings and Drawings

(Burton) Van Deusen's first one man show at Blue Mountain Gallery titled Paintings and Drawings is a collection of his work from the past five years. His theme are clouds and the various of shapes, colors and forms clouds tend to morph into, depending on the weather. Van Deusen's imaginative and realistic approach at rendering clouds makes me fall in love with clouds and all of the gloriousness of their billowy nature. One never really gives much thought to the subject of clouds; that is unless when one sees the sun break through a cloud formation and the end result are large rays of light beaming down; evoking thoughts about God or the higher powers that be. Van Deusen's color palette also adds depth and life to his clouds. See Van Deusen's clouds at Blue Mountain Gallery thru May 21st. - Madame J.

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