Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Matthew Ronay: Between the Worlds


Between the Worlds, Matthew Ronay's current show at Andrea Rosen Gallery thru August 12th is Shaman's dream come true.  Matthew's mixed-media installation of this spiritually transcendental-like tent, when first entered causes a temporary adjustment of the eyes because, the interior of the tent is made from black fabric and white paint. This mystical wonderland is guaranteed to spook children but invoke curiosity in adults. When I first entered the tent I didn't know what to expect; I saw unique and thought provoking images and symbolism which at first, I couldn't recognized but upon closer inspection made out jellyfish, sea anemone, mushrooms, rocks, trunks, Native-American ritualistic symbolism and idolatry and other nether world imagery. Matthew's use of totemic icons made me feel like Alice in Wonderland, as I meander my way thru the exhibit/tent I look forward to discovering more props and more "stuff". Matthew's "eye in the sky" invoked a memory of when I had visited Edward Leedskalnin's "coral castle". See Between the World's before August 12th. - Madame J.

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