Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward and Affordable Art on 34th St: Too Much Excitement In One Day!

Jeff Lewis, "that's the way we like him smouldering not snarky"

Gage Edward "forever in his tight-ass blue jeans"

So on my way to visit the Affordable Art Fair on Friday, which was being held at 7 West 34th street from Thursday, April 18 through Sunday the 22nd I happened to see none other than Jeff Lewis on the street and his LAVAH(lover) Gage Edward. So this is how it went down I was hanging out with my cousin and we were walking on the east side of 34 street heading to 7 West; so we're walking up the blocks so from Lexington to Park no incident, then when we're walking from Park to Madison I stopped for a second and walking up the block coming towards me I noticed this VERY tall (about 6'3")blond man with REALLY tight jeans on and (model-like) features and I noticed "wow this man is very tall and fine" and as I'm looking at him I say to myself "self this man looks familiar" and as I make my way to look at the other man walking beside him it's none other than Jeff Lewis (just as tall as Gage); well for those of you who are not familiar with Jeff Lewis and his gang, Jeff has to Bravo TV shows: Flipping Out and Interior Therapy, both big Bravo TV hits. Jeff's famously known for his OCD, snarky, narcissism and sometimes (most times) brutal honesty. As Jeff and Gage are walking away and I'm left gawking with a dropped jaw I noticed this woman walking towards me did a double take followed by a smile; as she walked by I smiled at her and said "that's Jeff Lewis right?" She said "yeah he's so cute" Well Jeff and Gage looked fabulous in their denim shirts and (tight) jeans. Affordable Art Fair was great, I spotted and few works I wanted to take home but this art fair was not affordable for me. Some artists I wanna mention include: Alicia Ibarra, Wendy Richmond, Antoine Verglas, Michele Mikesell, Gaston Aita, Jorge Santos, John Aquilino, Juliane Hundertmark, Sylvain Coulombe, America Martin, Daniel Ochoa, Grant Haffner, Rick Stevens, Molly Hills Perez, Yvonne Coomber, Andrew Salgado and Pure Evil. - Madame J.

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