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Artists Guarding Artists: A Group Show

You and Me, Emilie Lemakis
You and Me, Emilie Lemakis

Fuck You Picasso, Jeff Elliott

Fuck You Picasso, Jeff Elliott
Damien, Jeff Elliott
Joe, Jeff Elliott
Richard, Jeff Elliott
Jeff Elliott

Artists Guarding Artists is on view at Family Business gallery until August 17th, (why are good things in life always ephemeral?) was a long awaited/needed show featuring, artists that are currently employed as NYC museum guards; they are finally getting their due (well at least almost, some much needed recognition and hefty paycheck to go along with that recognition would be worth the while.) The show Artists Guarding Artists was jointly organized and curated by MET museum artist/guard Peter J. Hoffmeister and Laura Murray, Family Business gallery assistant and New Museum visitors' assistant. There is an eclectic mix of genres, mediums and styles that are featured in this short lived show; drawings, photography, sculpture, oil paintings, audio and ink and pen. The following artists participating in this show include: Jack Laughner, Carol Fassler, Sandro Rodorigo, Gabriella Szpunt, Michael Varley, Molly Di Grazia, Fred Fleischer, Cody Westphal, Barry Steely, Justin B. Torres, Dough Madill, Arnet Williams, Peter J. Hoffmeister, Jeff Elliott, Emilie Lemakis, Charles Andresen and Jeramy Turner. The personalities and talents of the artists as well as their quirkiness comes alive in their works, there was one artist that caught my eye and invoked my snarky sense of humor, fellow artist Jeff Elliott; Jeff earned his BFA from the University Of Idaho-Moscow and has been making a name for himself in NYC since 2007 by participating in exhibitions. Needless to say Jeff's humor, sarcasm and pointed letters (which goes on to read: "Dear Pablo, I hope you are happy, I hope you are laughing at us the artists of today. You have won the war and became our dictator. You are untouchable. But for an ounce of your talent would one kill for. Instead we are cursed by your greatness. We can no longer paint, sculpt, even write without feeling the grim reminder of your spirit that lies in all we do. I would like to excise you from my mind, from my art. Perhaps this letter will do that. Best wishes,  Me... "we hate you Picasso"... p.s. Fuck you Picasso." and/or commentary (to some of the worlds famous artists which include Picasso, Hirst, Serra, and Beuys to name a few) to the lecherous and dwarfish rake, the famous artist Pablo Picasso; Senor Picasso who was a "trail blazer" and "discovered" new and creative ways to "make art" while feeding his appetite for the young ladies (seventeen seems to be the "lucky" number, as in age not quantity.) Picasso managed to make a successful living at being an artist, while his contemporaries struggled in poverty (yes, yes I know everybody had to take responsibility for his/her own lives and actions, Modigliani,  and every other struggling artist who died of consumption, alcoholism, drug overdose, ST D's, etc, etc.) Though, Picasso (I hate to admit it) was a "genius" in his own right, I feel there are many struggling (contemporary) artists that had and have much more vision, creativity, know-how than Picasso, but let's be honest here, he was a marketing genius and that's how he was able to make a living and able to keep the ladies in his lair, "I mean really who wants to sleep with or be fondled by an 80-something year old man while being a 20-something beautiful woman, come on now money, fame and recognition had to had been involved somehow"? Jeff's talented work makes sense, it is truthful and like his contemporary William Powhida, who also mocks and makes fun of all of the important people in the art-world (and William rightfully so.) Always remember Jeff, "you can can make it big", remember just like the big players (i.e. art dealers/brokers) in the art market take advantage of the artists of this world, the art world/market is a "big racket" just like the bankers, financiers and economists of this nation, so don't ever be ashamed Jeff or feel the need to make excuses for "selling out" to the establishment, "screw them before they screw you!" So Jeff grab that bull and/or bear by the horns, ears, balls etc and ride it until you can't ride it anymore, and take it for everything that it's worth; so go ahead and "create a new version of a formaldehyde soaked shark suspended in a tank", "create "rusted-out"sculptures that looks like "rusted-out" crap", "create obnoxious and pretentious Germanic art" and finally "create art that involves lots of naked women, preferably young ones and pay them in a currency called "fame and recognition."(Jeff just remember that by study marketing and you too can "BLOW IT UP" like Picasso did) so buy a copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Marketing or Marketing for Dummies or KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Marketing. ***disclaimer*** Jeff  (Elliott) the previous statements are no way a reflection and/or assumption of your intelligence, thought process or reasoning, it's pure comedy and entertainment baby! But like all good things that must end, I must end my "mean" post about the cruel, cruel art-world/market. Artists Guarding Artists closes on August 17th. And yes it's a must see. - Madame J.

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Anonymous said...

you know Madame J I think we all could learn something about marketing art. unfortunately some have the secret connections and others well, we just don't want them. We choose to create for a higher power, our power. They are out there for the taking but I think some of us are happy which is the goal in life.

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